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Dextros Monohydrate

Dextrose monohydrate is easily accessible in nature. Due to its ability to combine with water to create a highly transparent solution and sweetening strength that is roughly 70% that of sucrose, the provided monohydrate has several uses in the food and beverage industry.

Dish Wash

Dish washes are used for washing dishes such glasses, plates, cutlery, and other cooking utensils in a sink or bowl. These are highly forming blend of surfactants with less skin irritation. Dish washes can clean cleaning scuffed kitchenware, milk-stained glasses, and egg-speckled forks.

Glass Cleaner

An excellent degreaser, glass cleaner spray is especially helpful in the kitchen. Spray down on the backsplash, light fixtures, range hood, stove top, and any other grubby kitchen surfaces. After letting the cleanser soak for roughly 10 minutes, use a soft towel to wipe surfaces clean.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are used in many healthcare facilities to stop the transmission of pathogens. These are mostly available in gel, liquid and foam forms. Hand sanitizers work to lessen the number of germs on your hands. Our offerings can be used when travelling, at work, or at home.